About Us

Who we are

Founded in 1966 as Gale A. Hill & Associates, we continue to specialize in the Planning and Architectural design of Educational and Religious facilities.   The firm has developed a broad portfolio of projects in the St. Louis area, central and eastern Missouri, and western Illinois.   KOUBA+KNOOP Associates has worked with more than ten school districts and collaborated with over 400 church congregations. Additional projects include design and planning for civic and commercial buildings. 

What we do


Master Planning explores buildable site areas, easements and zoning restrictions; evaluates vehicular access and circulation; and develops phased development concepts to meet immediate and long-term visions. 



We review and re-evaluate previous master plans; develop a new master plan; explore efficient re-use or modification of existing buildings; and recapture underutilized or undeveloped existing space.


Our goal is to plan new spaces providing flexible environments to meet your programmed requirements.  Multiple schematic plans allow us to explore options, then focus on the best creative and economical solution to your building needs. 

How We Do It

KOUBA+KNOOP Associates' studio environment encourages the exchange of ideas between the project team members and provides a unique client experience working directly with the principals. 

The Design Process synthesizes your specific needs and experience of the architects. 

Interviews, surveys and discussions with users and leadership groups determine a clear building program dividing actual "needs" from perceived "wants".  The final interpretation of this collected data produces a "Building Program" quantifying space requirements and spatial relationships for the new development.   

Computerized graphics for drafting and building modeling are an integral part of each project.

Sustainable Design is always a goal.   We're proud that several recent projects have achieved the status of LEED "Gold".  Though building "Green" can add to initial building costs, it can also pay back the cost over time.   Efficient construction and the use of environmentally appropriate materials is a goal for each project.  

"The process of design should develop creative solutions, balancing space needs and finances, producing a building to meet or exceed your expectations. . . ."